Dovepaw X Tigerheart

Note: This prediction was written before Fading Echoes was released.

After reading The Fourth Apprentice for the first time I have discovered something that could turn out very interesting. Tigerheart is falling for Dovepaw. This could turn out very interesting, because I don't think that Dovepaw feels the same way about him. At least, not yet anyway. Many people may not like this development because they think that the forbidden love thing is overused, but I am guessing that this won't be just another forbidden love. Tigerheart is being trained by Tigerstar, and Dovepaw does not know this yet. This fact could mean that Tigerheart is simply being nice to Dovepaw in order to minipulate her, or it could cause problems later on if Dovepaw were to fall in love and then discover Tigerheart's secret. In any case, I think this will be a very interesting case indeed.

Basically, here is what I think will happen. Please remember that other than my prediction that Tigerheart is falling for Dovepaw, most of this is just a shot in the dark. I think that Tigerheart has already fallen for Dovepaw, and Dovepaw doesn't know it yet. She may or may not already love Tigerheart, but if she does, she doesn't realize it yet. Tigerheart will continue being nice to Dovepaw for a while, and Dovepaw will slowly find herself likeing him more and more. Dovepaw will probably start meeting with him secretly, and at some point she will discover his evil ambitions. This will probably be something like a cross between the Brambleclaw-Hawkfrost senario and the Sasha-Tigerstar one, although probably closer to one than the other. How much Tigerstar has suceeded in seducing Tigerheart will greatly influence the outcome of what happens next. Tigerheart will either try to make Dovepaw evil (I don't know enough about Dovepaw yet to make a guess at whether he will suceed), or Dovepaw will start to win him over. Either Dovepaw will be torn between loyalty to her clan and loyalty to Tigerheart, or Tigerheart will be torn between loyalty to Dovepaw and loyalty to Tigerstar. (Or maybe some of both) I won't go any farther in this prediction because I am already getting pretty far-fetched as it is, but I will most likely wright more when I get more information on this topic.

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