The names generated by this script are completely random and are not guarenteed to be good every time. Keep trying until you find something you like, than click 'save name'. Just don't blame me if the generator comes up with something ridiculous like Tigerfeather. =)

How to use the Warrior Name Generator
The warrior name generator is relatively easy to use. To get a random warrior name, simply click the 'Get Name' button and retreive your name from the box labeled 'Name' at the bottom of the screen. There are also many settings and buttons that you can mess with, and although most of them are somewhat self-explanitory, I will explain each of them here to give you a better understanding of what they are used for. Also, please note that although changing these settings may cause the generator to come up with names more suited to what you are looking for, they also reduce the number of names the generator can come up with. This can cause the generator it to generate names that sound unoriginal or stereotipical. If you find that the generator keeps comming up with the same names, try changing the settings to allow for a broader pool of names for the generator to work with.

Base Name
This allows you to set the first part of a cat's warrior name. (I.E. "Fire" in Fireheart) When Allegiance is set to kittypet or loner, this box is ignored.

Warrior Name
This allows you to set the last part of a cat's warrior name. (I.E. "heart" in Fireheart) When Allegiance is set to kittypet or loner, this box is ignored.

This allows you to determine the cat's gender. If this is set to 'Tom', the generator will generate names that sound more like a tom name. When it is set to 'she-cat', the generator will generate names that sound more like a she-cat name. Setting this to "Either" will generate she-cat and tom names. Please note that this feature is not perfect, even if you have this set to she-cat the generator may come up with a name that sounds more like a tom name or vice-versa.

This allows you to set the generator so that it comes up with names that sound more evil or good. Again, this is not perfect, and remember that a cat's name doesn't always represent his character. Don't judge a book by its cover.

This menu box allows you to select what clan a cat comes from. Again, this is not perfect, but it will generate names that are more likely to come from the clan you specify. There is also an option here to generate kittypet or loner names. (Although there is a very limited number of names to work with in those areas.) What about tribe names? Well, making a generator for that would be a bit more complicated then you may realize. For now, you can just generate a clan name and then try to immagine what that name would be like if it was a tribe name. For example, Dawnstripe would be Dawn with stripes in sky. What about Bloodclan names? For that, you can just set the allegiance to "Loner" and the Disposition to "Evil".

This allows you to easily dictate a cat's rank or position. For example, setting this option to 'apprentice' will cause the generator to only come up with names that end with 'paw'. This can also be used to make the generator come up with names that may sound more like medicine cat names, or warrior names.

Allow Used Names
This allows you to disable or enable the use of names that appear in the warriors series. Please note that this is in no way perfect. I do not have the time to list every cat that ever lived, so the generator may still come up with names that do appear in the series, even when you have this option set to "No". Setting this to "Allow common names" will allow the generator to still generate common names, even if that name did appear somewhere in the warriors series. For example, it could still come up with 'Cloudpaw' but not 'Cloudtail'.

This button allows you to view the credits and statistics about the generator, such as how many names are in the database.

Save Name
This button allows you to save a generated name for future use. Please note that refreshing the page in your browser will cause you to lose your saved names.

List Saved Names
Clicking this button displays a diologue box containing all the names you previously saved.

How it Works
Basically, the warrior name generator works by taking the names of various cats from the series, and dividing them into their core parts. It assigns these divided parts attributes (gender, disposition, etc) based on the attributes of the character the parts were taken from. When you click the generate button, the script picks two parts at random, and recombines them to form a new warrior name. The probability of a particular name being selected is influenced by how closely that name's parts fit with the settings you have selected. This generator can also pick from a pre-programed selection of loner and kittypet names, but because I had to input each of these names individually the selection is very limited.

Warrior Name Generator, (C) 2010 Ajedi32.

Updated on Jul 6, 2010 by Ajedi32 (Version 3)

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