The following pages display some of my favorite scenes, books, characters, and other aspects of the warriors series. Please note that there may be unmarked spoilers contained in these pages. (Although I will try to avoid anything major.)

My Favorite Characters
Firestar is probably my favorite character of the series. I don't know if this is because he was the first character created in the entire series, or because of close to perfect he is. I also like Brambleclaw, Jayfeather, and Dovepaw. Brambleclaw because he was pretty much the main character in the second series, and Jayfeather because of his interesting personality. I also like Jayfeather and Dovepaw because when you view things from their perspectives, you see things a whole lot more clearly. I also love watching Cinderheart. I can't wait to see if she will find out who she is.

My Favorite Scenes
Some of my favorite scenes in the book series involve the revealing of big secrets that have remained hidden for a long time. I love watching the reaction of cats when they discover something huge that totally changes their perspective on something. For example, I love the scene where Fireheart reveals Tigerclaw's trechery to the clan. I can't wait to hear the other clan's reactions when Firestar finally tells them about Skyclan. (See Erin Hunter Chat #6)

I have also recently developed a taste for scenes involving Starclan and those involving "the three" using their powers. For example, I like the scene in the Power of three Series where Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf sneak into Shadowclan to fake a sign from Starclan. I especially liked Lionblaze's reaction when Starclan came down to back up the omen. I also really like the scenes where Jayfeather confronts other cats in their dreams.

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