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My To-Do List

This page contains my to-do list. As you can see, I am super-busy. XD Check out all the cool stuff I am working on!

Fix "Build booby traps to defend your flag" - In Progress

Update UBTS
Enhance cleanup system on UBTS to only cleanup desnaped bricks.
Fix GUIs and tools to accomodate updates. (Re-Allign GUIs)
Update Find Deleter Tool to draw a line from deleter to deleted object, also allow locking the find deleter tool in the "on" position.
New Disaster - Doomsday? Or perhaps something that will teach those pesky fly glitchers and anchored house people a lesson? XD
Look into Spawn Height of Fallling Disasters, Lower Hight May Reduce Lag
Fix Penguin Disaster - Use Weld Function and Delay Movement
Fix Dragobloxxers

Use my new knowledge of JointsService to create a new "Build your own Armor and Weapons"
Create Gear Factory Tycoon
Ro-Gi-Oh for nooooooo - On Hold
Fix "The Music Machine"
Fix "Oblivion"

Fix Super Suit Battle
Fix Suits so that they no longer error out when there is lag. (Probable Cause: Humanoid Joints Not Existant)
Fix store to use GUIs
Utilize GUIs in Suit Interface

Finish "Top Secret"
Utilize GUIs
Fix Animations - Optional
Fix Flood It - GUIs
Fix Minesweeper - GUIs

Fix Galactic Minigames
Determine the problem causig the delay with the main script.
Update Minigames Using my new Knowlege of Scripting (Body Gyro, CFrames, etc)
Obtain Inspiration From Other Minigame places and Video Games

Finish "Techno Warriors"
Come up with names for the 2 teams
Finnish hacking tool - Might need update for GUIs
Make more Reliable Entryway for the stealth team's base - Might not be Required
Re-Do Bases to make it easier to sneek arround. (Back doors, multiple passageways, etc)
Finnish making weapons for each team
Shield Generators
Buildable Turrets
Obtain Inspiration from other Video Games
Create Different Turret Types
Make Turrets Destroyable
Create Classes
Stealth Team
Soilder - All Arround Fighter
Tech - Specilizes in Hacking and Setting up Machinery
Support - Medic, Good with Hacking and other support functions as well.
Agent - Specilizes in Super-Stealth, Hacking, and Sabotoge
Heavy Wep Team
Heavy Weps - Specilizes in Demo, and Big Guns

Updated on Jan 3, 2012 by Ajedi32 (Version 8)

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