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Introduction to Scripting - The Basics

Now before you start punching code into the computer, let me give you a basic rundown of how scripting works. At its core, scripting is just telling the computer what to do, step by step, in a format that it can understand. Computers aren't like humans - they aren't capable of creative thought and they can'ttruly"understand" what you say. All they can do is calculate, and perform basic logical operations.

Scripting is about taking complicated tasks and breaking them down into a series of simple, logical steps. And since the computer can't really understand plain English, you have to write out these steps in a very precise format - otherwise the computer won't understand or might do something you didn't mean for it to do. Computers are very picky - as far as a computer is concerned, a capital 'E' is a totally differentletter than a lower case 'e', so you have to be very precise when you're scripting.

In LUA (the programming language Roblox uses), when the computer runs a script that you wrote it reads the script line by line from top to bottom (for the most part) and does what you tell it to. Every line you write will be a carefully formatted instruction to the computer telling it to perform a simple operation. Keep that in mind as you start reading these lessons.

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