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I have the solution to Roblox's virus problem. It all started when my place got infected with the virus: "Chaotic". This naturally upset me. So, being the great scripter that I am, I wrote a 596 line script to get rid of it. (Ok, so I got a little carried away.)

Anyway, I have tested this script with various different viruses and found it to be completely effective. Most of the other vaccine scripts I found are nothing compared to this. You can even use this script to find new strains of Viruses if you have a little programming experience.

This script will completely remove all of the following viruses from your place within seconds with no side effects:

1. Chaotic and Spreadify
2. "Infected"
3. Anti-Lag (I found out that this script is actually a disguised VIP commands script)
4. Many Others

To get a free copy of RS Anti-Virus, Click Here

Updated on Apr 24, 2009 by Ajedi32 (Version 3)

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