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Due to me getting a HUGE number of PMs, and the fact that Roblox does not allow you to filter or sort messages, I am going to have to lay out some guidelines for PMing me. I am not trying to act all high and mighty, I just think that It would be a lot eaiser for me to get to your requests and messages if everyone would follow these guidelines.

1. Do not PM me about disaster suggestions. Instead, submit them here. This allows me to to be able to have a searchable record of who suggested what when. It will also allow me to bookmark ideas that I like so that I can read them later without having to search through 150 PMs.

2. If you have a question about Roblox, try my newbie guide first.

3. Check my FAQ before you PM me. Many questions are already answered there.

4. If you have a request for a model or script, please check the free models first. I don't have the time to make complicated scripts or models and I will not build a replica of somebody else's place. If you want to see how your close your request is to being done, check out my To-Do list.

5. I will not donate to you and I don't answer messages asking me to.

6. I wil not give away or sell any of my places or pieces of my places. Everything I am willing to share I have already put in the free models.

7. Please spell right, or at least try to make your PM comprehensable so that I can understand it.

8. I don't read messages in friend requests.

9. The basic summary of all of these guidelines is: Don't be Noobish

If you go outside any of these guidelines your PM might not get answered. Sorry, but I don't have the time to answer 80 PMs about things that I have already answered here.

Note: Many of these guidelines may apply to other people who have popular places and I am sure they would appreciate it If you would do the same for them. If you have a popular place and would like a varriation of these rules for yourself, click here.



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