OBC Cast October 2010 Summary

Roblox's OBC Cast on October 1 featured Builderman and Jeditkacheff, with ReeseMcBlox taking questions and manning the camera. And although this OBC cast was shorter than usual, there were still plenty of interesting new features revealed.

Jedi and Builderman started the OBC cast with announcements about Roblox merchandise and the new Roblox game cards in Toys R Us and 7-11. They also announced that a bug that was causing some users to lag after playing games for several minutes has been fixed, and said that if you are still having problems that you should PM Builderman about them. They also said that the admins are hard at work on about twenty other things, including several other bug fixes.

With that, the admins started a demo of some new features coming to Roblox. The main feature they demoed was a redesigned default in-game GUI. The new configuration looked a lot more flashy, and many of the buttons had been moved. The full-screen button was moved to the bottom-right corner, the tools button to the bottom left, and the help button to the upper left. Gear items and tools were also centered on the bottom of the screen, and the default health bar was moved to the bottom center of the screen as well. When you take damage with the new GUI a red haze appears arround the screen and the health bar flashes. This feature will make it easier for players to know when they are taking damage. The admins also said that they were planning to re-design the leaderboard as well, but that update wasn't in the demo.

Another thing the admins demoed was the in-game build tools. They tools have been re-designed to be a lot more sleek and to be more out-of-the-way. It was also mentioned that the insert tool is being re-designed, but we didn't get to see that in the demo.

The admins then briefly opened the floor to questions. Earlier in the cast they said that questions for the cast should be sent to the account OBCOctFirst (which was created for the sole purpose of allowing users to ask questions for the OBC cast), so there were already plenty of questions out there at that time. One of the first questions asked about the Halloween Hats. ReeseMcBlox said that there were a lot of hats already in the works, as well as some 'secret stuff with Telamon'. Before they ended the OBC cast they also mentioned that there are two other stores that may be selling Roblox cards in the future, but they did not reveal the names of the stores.

Well, that about sums up the OBC Cast for October first. Be sure to subscribe to this page with your favorite RSS reader so you can get the latest OBC cast summaries and other news in the future. I hope you enjoyed reading about all the great new features in the works at Roblox.

- Ajedi32

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