OBC Cast 9 Summary

OBC Cast 9 was very action filled. So many ideas were being tossed around that it will take them months to make all this stuff. A lot of the things they discussed probably won’t be released for a while, but it’s exciting to see all the ideas the admins have. This OBC cast featured ReeseMcBlox and Telamon, with Reese checking the user’s questions and Telamon answering them. =) Here is a summary of all of the exciting ideas they talked about in the OBC cast.

First of all, Telamon said that the Zeke and Luther thing is Roblox’s first 'major corporate sponsorship' and that contests system, and, of course, skateboards, are a direct result of that sponsorship.

Telamon talked about making systems for many of the other Roblox contests such as costume contests, video contests, and in-game hat contests.

There will be non-expiring Skateboards for sale sometime in the near future.

Animations are in full swing, and Telamon wants to use them to make two handed gear, better ladder climbing animations and more. They talked about wrapping up the animation tool and allowing users to make their own animations in the near future.

Did you ever notice how selecting the skate park genere on the games page re-textures the website? Well Telamon mentioned that they wanted to expand that to include custom-themes for other genre pages. He also said that it might be cool to make user-created themes, but said that doing so might make everything look like it does on myspace.

In the area of contests, Telamon said that it might be cool to allow users to rate contest places in different categories. For example, choose the place with the best scripts, etc.

They also mentioned that they want to make more asset types for characters, such as capes, back items, and possibly shoes. He said that they want to have this out sometime in the next month, but he said not to quote him on that, so don’t count on it.

Another thing Telamon talked about was making a ‘Roblox Data API’ that would allow place creators to save data on the servers about users. He talked about making a website leaderboard where users could challenge each other to beat their scores.

They also mentioned making user genres for places that would allow users to categorize their places in whatever area they want. He used the example of roller coaster places.

A system for re-texturing hats is a possibility, but Telamon doesn't want to flood the hat market with lower-quality items. When they do make a system for this, the re-textured hats probably won’t be in with the rest of the hats.

The chances of Epic Duck returning depend on how busy Telamon is on April 1.

Background music may eventually come back as a supported feature, but for now they have removed most of the music files because of how much it was costing them to stream the musics in-game.

One of the major things they talked about in the OBC cast was making it easier for friends to connect with friends in-game They want to make it easy for you to get all your online friends into a game with you at the same time. To accomplish this they laid out two possibilities.

Option 1:
The ability to form a ‘party’ with online friends that makes it so that for the next game you click play on, everybody joins the game at once in the same server.

Option 2:
A group page style system with online members and party members.

Most of the users wanted the first option, and telamon said that it will probably be out in the next release. They mentioned allowing the creation of private servers that only your friends could join.

Another idea they talked about was the ability to share a model with a only few friends. They thought that sending models as an attachment to a PM would be a good system.

They also talked briefly about possibly making group wars system.

Anyway, that's about it for OBC cast 9. You can watch it for yourself at: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/5214003

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