OBC Cast 8 Summary

The latest OBC cast featured Telamon as the sole admin running the cast. He said that all of the other admins were busy working on various projects, so he would be running the show himself that time. Here is a summary of all the stuff talked about in this OBC cast:

  • One thing Telamon is currently working on is a more accurate contest rating system. He explained the new system in detail and it's very complicated.
  • The admins are planning on adding more part types. Telamon said that the wedge is one of the part types that will be comming out in the immediate future, but that there will be many more sometime within the last three months.
  • Telamon does not deny the possibility of a Roblox Gold Edition. He simply stated that "We are not ready to talk about that yet."
  • Telamon is aware of the problem with players having too much gear in a place at once to use it properly and hopes to make a better in-game inventory system within a month or so.
  • Telamon is aware of the problem where some people have so many 'friends' that they can't find their real friends in their friends list. He says that they have no specific plans yet, but eventually they want to expand the best friends system and make a system for allowing you to find and get in servers with your friends faster.
  • Skyboxes were removed from the insert menu because of the lag they cause when they are inserted but they will be back soon.
  • Epic Duck will probably return someday. Telamon said that: "There's a little bit of Epic Duck in all of us" and said that epic duck is likely to return, possibly for april fools.
  • Telamon eventually wants to make a system for a 'double hat glitch' of sorts that will clasify hats into face gear, head gear, etc, and also wants to add more cloths types sometime in the future.
  • Telamon says that they do want to eventually make a way to allow scripts to save data to the server, but probably not models, etc.

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