OBC Cast 11 Summary

Roblox's Outrageous Builders Club Webcast 11 revealed several new features and items in the works. The admins running the OBC cast were Telamon, Brighteyes, and JediTkacheff, a recently hired dev. There were some problems with the office's internet connection durring the cast, but aside from that there were no major difficulties.

The admin's kicked off the OBC cast by discussing several of the recently added features and going over some of the more frequently asked questions. They started by talking about the new body parts and item packages, which are already released on the Roblox website. Brighteyes stated that there are currently 10-20 new body parts in the works, so there should be a lot more parts on the way in the near future.

Telamon stated that the abiltity to wear more than one hat at a time (THG, DHG) is comming soon. The code is already finnished, and we should see the feature out in the near future. Telamon also confirmed that this feature will NOT be builder's club only. He also mentioned later in the cast, that certain collectable hats such as sunglasses, bow ties, and hair, will likely become much more valueable when this feature is released. Telamon also briefly mentioned the egg hunt, and stated that the date of the next egg hunt will be announced in the next OBC cast.

Brighteyes mentioned durring the cast that Roblox will be partnering with a game card company that will allow Roblox to put buyable game cards in gas stations and other locations arround the world. The company they are partnering with also exists in europe, so european Roblox players will soon have more payment options.

Another thing talked about in OBC Cast 11 was the hat and gear making process. Basically, Brighteyes recieves gear and hat ideas from users in PMs and on twitter, and then sends these ideas to the artists who work remotely from arround the world. (Brighteyes also mentioned that sometimes the artists have ideas.) These artists then create meshes for the items, and send them back to Brighteyes. She then decides whether the mesh she received is of good quality, and if not she sends it back to the artist to fix. If the work is of good quality and looks right, Brighteyes makes the item in to a hat or gear. JediTkacheff is usually responsible for the scripting if the object is a gear item, otherwise Brighteyes simply fits the item to the character, decides on a name and price, and uploads the item to Roblox.

After this, the Admins did a demo of some of the new features and gear items comming soon to Roblox. They demonstrated some of the newer gear items which are now already released on Roblox, such as the NoobTube, the Nova Wand, and the Dance Potion. Another thing the admins demoed was a new particles system for fire. (Finally!) The video was a bit laggy at the time, but Telamon promised that it looks awesome. He said that the fire probably won't make it into the next release, but probably the release after that. You can expect to see fire in the test servers soon.

With that, the admins started Q&A time. One of the first questions asked was about 'the THG as a feature'. Although the admins had already talked about that feature, they did briefly answer the question, and Telamon mentioned an analytics tool that will graph the price of limited and colectable items. You may have already seen this feature on the test server, so perhaps it is comming closer to being released.

The subject of pets was also brought up in the OBC cast. The admins talked briefly about how cool it would be to ride a dragon or lion, but said that such a feature isn't very high on their priorities list right now. The admins were also asked about non-humanoid body parts. They said that it would be a cool thing to have, but that "it's one of those long term features". Telamon said that they would want to create belts, shoes, shields, armor, etc, before thinking about a non-humanoid body parts.

On the subject of group building, the admins said that they are currently focusing on the default solo building tools, and re-thinking how group building wil happen. A player also asked John (Telamon), if he ever gets tired of being blamed, a reference to the Roblox sloagan "Blame John". Telamon just laughed and just said it's his job. He also mentioned something about job security. Brighteyes commented that she loves to "blame John".

On the subject of gear and hat ideas, the admins were asked about the possiblity of pogo sticks and BMX bike gear. JediTkacheff said that a pogo stick is definitly a possiblitiy, but that a bike would take a little more time. When asked, Brighteyes also said that she had already sent the artists a request for a Telamon hair hat, but that the resulting mesh just wasn't up to 'Telamon quality'. She said that Telamon hair is still a possiblity though. The admins were also asked about the possiblity of a potato cannon gear. JediTkacheff said that it was an "awesome idea", but we have yet to see whether the admins will use the idea.

Another question asked durring Q&A time was whether the Traveloge section of the Roblox blog would come back. For those of you who don't know, the travelogue was a section of the Roblox blog where an admin would visit certain places, and review them. The admins said that Brighteyes might be able to re-open that section, but no promises. It was also mentioned that Brighteyes was not working for Roblox when the travelogue was still running.

The admins were also asked about the possiblity of hats that give you special abilities. Brighteyes said that it's "definitely something we can do in the future", and mentioned that some gear items are more effective if you have a certain hat on. The admins were also asked whether we will ever be able to make ads for things such as sets and groups. They said that the feature would be great to have someday, but is "not in the pipeline right now."

For the final question, JediTkacheff was asked where he got his username. He said that it was used in his first email adress and he used to use it everywhere on the internet. The admins wrapped up the OBC cast by stating that in OBC cast 12 they will talk more about new building tools and announce the time for the egg hunt.

Well, that's a wrap! I hope you enjoyed my summary of OBC cast 11, be sure to check back after the next OBC cast for another summary.

Thanks for reading,
- Ajedi32

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