OBC Cast 10 Summary

Roblox's Outrageous Builder's Club Cast #10 was done by Builderman & Telamon, many of the issues they talked about were already discussed in previous OBC casts, but it's nice to get a refresher on what's going on.

The first thing Builderman and Telamon discussed in OBC cast 10 was the egg hunt. As many of you may know, on the weekend before Easter Roblox attempted to run an egg hunt, in which various eggs would fall from the sky. They had to abort the egg hunt for technical reasons, and they explained more about this problem in OBC cast 10. What happened was that a lot of people, in an effort to find the rare eggs, would constantly join and leave servers until they found a server with eggs they wanted. Servers could not handle that many people joining and leaving so fast, and the strain caused multiple technical problems. Telamon even said that one of the servers was literally smoking from the strain. The egg hunt exposed some problems and in-efficiencies in how players join games which they are currently fixing. Telamon said that once they are confident they have fixed the issue they might run a few tests to see if the problem is really fixed. These tests will probably occur sometime closer to the next egg hunt, and they may involve the site notice telling everybody to come to one specific place, or giving everyone 2 tickets for every place they visit over the period of the test.

Another thing discussed in the OBC cast was the creation of more part types. This update is already nearly complete, and you can expect to see it coming out in the near future. Telamon showed off these new part types by broadcasting his screen over the web cast. He demoed 4 new part types, the Pyramid, the Prism, the Ramp piece, and the Parallelogram ramp piece. The pyramid and the prism have an adjustable number of sides ranging from 4 to 20. Setting the number of sides to 20 causes the prism to look much like a cylinder, and the pyramid to look much like a cone. The ramp pieces are designed to make it easy to create a ramp up to a brick. They come in 2 shapes, a regular ramp, and a parallelogram style ramp. Both accomplish the same function and they look nearly identical. Another useful feature of these new bricks is that they will be completely snapable. This means that it will be easy for you to connect a brick to the slope of a ramp, or to put spikes on prisms, etc.

Another thing talked about was the addition of new body types. The admins are aware that some people do not like the idea of new body types, but they asserted that they want people to have the option of new body types available. The devs are working hard to be sure that all cloths items will work with all body types, so the new body parts will be compatible with all types of cloths.

With that, the admins turned the OBC cast over to Q&A time. Many of the questions asked had already been answered in previous OBC casts, but this time we were able to get more details on the standing of some of the new features asked about.

One of the first questions asked involved a better way to manage large amounts of gear in a place. Telamon said that 'Daniel' was already working on a better system for this, which would also include the ability to change your outfit in-game, but it got pushed aside in favor of more immediate concerns. Long term, you should be able to change your cloths, gear, and everything else in-game.

As for the question of users being able to upload sound, Telamon said that there are some mod issues but it's still a possibility. He said that if they do allow users to upload sounds once again, longer sounds could cost tickets to create. He also said that a library of pre-approved sounds might be a good idea.

The question of having the double hat glitch as a feature came up once again. Telamon said that they are planning on splitting hats into new categories, which will allow for users to wear more than one hat at once. Don't get your hopes up though, because they are not working on this feature yet, so it could be a while.

Another question that was asked was the possibility of a try before you buy feature. Telamon said that they had planned for that to be a feature since user-created cloths were created on Roblox, and that priotorization is the only reason it doesn't already exist.

In response to another question, Telamon said that left handed gear, and 2 handed gear are certainly possibilities, but they don't have the manpower to work on that just yet. The admins also mentioned weather as a possibility provided they can get the manpower to do it.

In response to several other questions, the admins said that Telamon hair is a possibility and may come out in a mystery gift sometime soon. They also said that they plan on making better default animations, and talked about running a video contest sometime this month. Telamon said that he wants to make an automated system though for video contests, which would work the same way as the building contests.

In response to another question, the admins said that a Roblox TV Commercial is a possibility, but that they would prefer to have free advertising, such as Roblox's recent featuring on BBC. The admins also said that it might be cool to have a Roblox conference some year. They said not to get your hopes up though. They are also aware that the forums need to be improved, but they don't have any plans to do so yet. The admins also mentioned that a modeling contest system might be a possibility, and that materials having different properties would be a long term possibility.

Well, that about sums up OBC Cast 10. I hope you enjoyed hearing about all the new features and possible future developments.

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