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Here is a list of some of my favorite websites and programs.
Websites - A place where u can download just about anything. It has lots of sweet freeware programs. - A place where u can watch lots of interesting videos about practicly everything. - Online brick building and brick battles! Way Cool! - Play lots of great games for free! - Yays! More free games! - Play free games that would normally cost u about $10 - One of the most popular massively multiplayer online role playing games ever. - Free software, the best search engine in the world, a free e-mail server, free website hosing, and much, much more. What more could you want? - Ever wondered how something works? Try this! - The ultimate disposable e-mail! - Thousands of amazing photos! You will never have a boring desktop background again! - A free encyclopedia that anyon can edit! - Radio that only plays the songs you like. - Listen to thousands of songs for free
Google Sketchup - Lets u easily create 3d models and share them with the world.
Google Earth - View the entire earth in 3d! Itz cool. :-)
Skype - Talk to other Skype users for free and get calls to landline phones for realy cheap rates.
Webshots Desktop - Neaver have a boring desktop background again!
Roblox Studio - Build a place with unlimited lego bricks and then battle in it!
Mostfun Games Player - Free Video games that would normaly cost u around $10! It's legal too!
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